Hello!  I am Wayne Longhurst, a linocut artist based in sunny (apparently) Worthing

I have been creating linocut prints for a while now, teaching myself when I first heard about the medium a few years ago (yep, I hadn't heard about it until I was in my early 30's, I guess it skipped mygeneration at school).  I immediately took to it, and was soon smitten with it, to the stage where I am lucky enough to have my own home studio

As I live near the Sussex Downs national park and the seaside, a lot of my work is inspired by what I see on my travels, including trees up on the downs and seaside staples, like seagulls, beach huts and ice-creams.

Always wishing to challenge myself, I'm constantly on the lookout for the next print which will push my boundaries even further.  My latest set of prints (my animal prints and Schrodingers Crater) certainly did that! 
I wanted them to be photo realistic, and to achieve that they were printed using the reduction technique, with up to 8 layers....these very nearly broke me...!  But I'm still here!  And thinking of the next print....