About me

I am a Worthing based printmaker creating prints using the the linocut method.

As with most art forms, I start with a blank canvas (the lino block, or ‘plate’).  In order to build up a print (if printing multiple colours) I have to work backwards.  Starting with the lightest colour, followed by a darker shade, then a darker colour, and so on, until the piece is complete.

If a single piece of lino is used, the method is known as 'Reduction', meaning that a cut cannot be repeated and the plate can no longer be used once complete.  This creates limited edition collectible prints.

Other methods are; Multiblock and Single Colour.

Living between the sea and the Sussex Downs, I am inspired by both, as well as anything I see whilst on my travels, or whatever may pop into my head.

I am available for commissions or collaborations.  I'm always happy to answer any questions or get involved with anything lino-like! 
Please get in touch; [email protected]