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Hello!  Yep, that’s me carving away (working on my plate for the black and white Worthing Dome).

I am based down in sunny Worthing, carving and printing lino in my home studio, Lino printing is such a therapeutic art form.

As with most art forms, you start with a blank canvas (the lino block, or ‘plate’) but, in order to build up a print (if printing multiple colours) you have to work backwards.  For example, in the picture above, I am carving pieces away for the first layer of four colours (in this  case, shades grey).

This method is known as Reduction.  As a result the print can never be  reproduced because the detail used for the previous layer will be carved away (‘reduced’) from the plate before the next layer is printed.

Other methods are; Multiblock and Single Colour.

Please take a look around my site to find out more about the techniques used when printing and enjoy!

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